About Gretchen Langner

Gretchen Langner received her BA in Art from Mercyhurst College, and her MA in painting at Villa Schiffanoia Graduate School of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. With paintings in public and private collections including the Portland Museum of Art and the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, Maine, Gretchen turned to designing fabric as an extension of her creative work.

Gretchen’s interest in fabric as a medium began when she lived in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and two young daughters. She began experimenting in her basement, painting directly on fabric, which soon led to representation at the D&D Building in Manhattan and a feature in Architectural Digest. After receiving more orders than she could handle, her work shifted to printing.

"I wanted to bring a different sense of design aesthetics into people’s daily lives. I like a contemplative environment, one that is peaceful and calm, yet has energy. Color is my tool. Vibration and energy are aspects of color. Whether found in nature or an interior, color is the essence of mood. I also wish to convey movement. The large over-scaled pattern in my fabric, when cropped on smaller areas such as a chair seat, creates a thread of design continuity that becomes alive with movement and aligned with life."

Inspired by nature and our biomorphic need to have nature well reflected in our living and working environments, the abstracted, simplified forms in Gretchen Langner’s fabric fits well in contemporary settings, as well as more traditional homes. Uses include upholstery, slipcovers, draperies, quilts, pillows, shower curtains, and lampshades.

Fabrics from coast fabric are vat dyed and hand screened in New England on 100% cotton or linen/cotton. Certain patterns are available on acrylic ground for patio furniture and outdoor use. Colors are lightfast and fabrics are scotch-guarded for easy cleanup. Fabrics are also available to the trade at the San Francisco Design Center through Enid Ford Atelier, the Fabric Resource Group, Atlanta, or direct to the customer through langnerdzign.com. Custom color is available. Prices range from $45 - $48 per yard.

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Credits and Thanks

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