April 19, 2010

dZign available yardage

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Available dZign Yardage 

Pattern: Spiral
Colorway: Black / Putty
Ground: Cotton Linen

Pattern: Flower
Colorway: Moss Light / Sage
Ground: 2Ply

Pattern: Overlay
Colorway: Cement / Gray / Blue 
Ground: Cotton Linen/ Acrylic

Pattern: Circle
Colorway: Mud / Mauve Ice
Ground:  100% Linen

Pattern: Double Dot
Coloway: East Yellow
Ground: Cotton/Linen

Pattern: Glyph
Colorway: Egg Blue / Taupe
Ground: Acrylic

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March 30, 2010

Custom Color & the Color Lab

dZign offers Custom Color. I hope you enjoy playing with the color lab. When ordering custom color, you must send dZign a color chip of the exact color/s you want. You can find color chips in magazines, paint stores - actual paint from your palette...

Make a duplicate copy for yourself and send dzign enough to create an order and one for the "library of resonant earth energy."

Custom color requires a "strikeoff." The printer's colorist will mix your color/s and the hand screeners will print a repeat or so of the pattern. Upon your approval of the strikeoff, yardage can then be ordered. On the long side, this whole process can take about 8 weeks. I have experienced a much faster turnaround.

A strikeoff is about 1.5 -2 yds. Charge: $75 for one colorway. A colorway is 1, 2 or 3 combination of colors within a pattern. Customer pays total yardage cost before ordering. Customer is notified when order is ready to ship and pays remainder shipping costs.

Have a pattern and colorway that you like, but can't meet the minimum 10 yd. order requirement? dZign would be glad to post your fabric choice on the blog. For example; Sarah wants 7yds. of pattern: Flower on Sail Cloth in Blue. dZign would be happy to coordinate "piggyback" orders - just let us know!